Mammoth Camp

Mammoth Camp is a great opportunity for athletes to train in the mountains and participate in other fun activities such as swimming, fishing and hiking with their teammates. This year, the camp will be held from August 5-9, 2021. Only the top 14 point-earners will qualify to attend, see the Point System for more info. Invitations are subject to coaches discretion (camp is rigorous and athletes must be able to complete the challenging runs), as are final numbers of athletes that will be taken. Special invitation may be granted to athletes who finish in the top 5 in one time trial or who finish top 7 in two time trials, but are not in the top 14 by points (they will not take a spot of someone already in the top 14). The cost this year will be approximately $295 (subject to change).

The school requires each student to fill out paperwork prior to any trip. The General Standards of Conduct must be read and filled out by both student and parent. If a student needs to take medication a Request for Medication form must also be filled out. A Mammoth Trip Contract must also be signed by both student and parent.

Seasons 4, Mammoth Lakes, CA Get GoogleMap directions>

From Edison on Thursday, Aug 5, 2021 at 8:30 am (PLEASE BE ON TIME !)
** We stop for lunch on the way up, athletes are responsible for paying for their own lunch) **

To Edison on Mon, Aug 9, 2021 at 4:30 PM.

Parent Drivers (if chaperones are needed)
Parent Drivers should try to arrive around 8:00 am in order to get directions from the coaching staff. Please make sure that your vehicle is gassed up and ready to go. Team will pay/reimburse for gas used on the trip.

What To Bring
Pillow (optional – there usually is a bed or couch bed for everyone, may have to share), Running Clothes (we will be running more than once a day on occasion, so pack extra), Running Shoes, Running watch, Regular Shoes, Towel, Bathing Suit, Toiletries, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Chapstick (it is very dry up there), Flashlight, Regular Clothes (shorts, shirts), Sweatshirt & sweat pants (it is cold in the morning), Jacket, Underwear/socks, Sleeping clothes, Books, Magazines, Games, Videos/DVD's, Music, Camera (optional), and Spending money (optional – approx $30-50, for trips to the village). Please try and pack as compactly as possible. We will be limited in the number of drivers we will have, so it is important that we try and minimize the number (AND SIZE) of bags each of you bring. ONE BAG PER ATHLETE!!!!

What Not To Bring
Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Weapons (this includes pocket knives and spears), Matches and lighters (fire codes are very strict in the mountains), Magazines, DVDs, music, or video-games with inappropriate content. Rule of thumb: If you can't bring it to school, you can't take it to camp.