Points System


A point system is used to determine who goes on our trip to Mammoth, Clovis and/or Oregon.

So here is how you can start earning points. You will earn 10 points each for the student-athlete contract, physical, summer emergency card, and summer camp fees turned in on or before June 25, 2018 (or your first day of summer practice). After June 25, 2018 (or first day of practice) you will get 0 (zero) points for each one! The physical and clearance-cards are due the first day you come out no matter what, or you cannot practice. All documents can be downloaded from the Parent Meeting page.

Earn points in the following ways:

  • 10 points for each item turned in by/on your first day of summer practice (Student-athlete contract, physical, summer emergency card and paying summer camp fees)
  • 10 points per week for attendance – Monday/Wednesday = 2 points each day, Tuesday/Thursday/Friday = 1 point each day, Saturday = 3 points
  • Placing in time trials – point breakdown below
  • 10 points for completing school Season clearance process (deadline will be given prior to the season starting)


Download The Latest Points Standings
2018 – Point Sheet


***2018 Time Trial Results***

Summer Time Trial DatesJune 27, July 18, Aug 8
Last Chance Time Trial – Wed Sep 5  –> Athletes who have not met the time trial standard will not race at the first two meets (which are Sep 1 and Sep 8)
First 5 races of the season also count as time trials towards Clovis Points – Great Cow (Sep 1), Laguna Hills (Sep 8), Woodbridge (Sep 15), Wayne Walker (Sep 22), League Preview (Sep 25) (assuming 75%+ athletes race at the meet)

New Athletes:

       All new athletes will make the team, provided they can show the ability to complete a 2 mile time trial without walking. 

Returning Athletes

  1. Summer Time Trials (2 miles): 18:00 for girls and 15:30 for boys
  2. Last Chance qualifier first full week of school (Wed Sept 5) – 2 miles on the track – 17:00 for girls and 14:30 for boys


Time trials point breakdown is as follows:

Place                         Points
1-5                              9 pts
6-10                            7 pts
11-15                          5 pts
16-20                          3 pts
all other finishers         1 pt


**New time trial course used for 2015 and beyond**

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