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  • We have an amazing group of athletes that work hard and are committed to maintaining a level of excellence that Edison Cross Country has become known for. Check out our history page to see how we've done over the years (the page is a work in progress).


  • In the Sunset League for 2017, the Boys Varsity finished 5th, while Girls Varsity finished 4th. The Boys JV finished in 4th while the Girls JV finished in 3rd. The Boys FS finished in 5th while the Girls FS finished 4th. This was the last year of the Sunset League as a 6-team league.






    Starting in 2018, we will still be a part of the Sunset League Conference, but it will now have two different divisions, each with its own league champion, as well as its own CIF qualifiers. Boys will be in the Surf Division and the Girls will be in the Wave Division. 


Be sure to check back for important information, including keeping track of the Point Sheet (attendance), meet schedule and where we are supposed to be each day. It's recommended that you read the "Cornerstones of Training" and "Stretching Routines" under the Running Resources Page.

  • Keep in touch throughout the year! I use to send out alerts to athletes mostly, but as parents it's never a bad idea to see what information your athlete is getting. Sign up following these instructions.

Summer Camp 2018 will start Monday June 25th and ends the day before school begins!. Practices are at 7 am Monday through Saturday. End times will vary depeding on the workout and length of run for each athlete. Check the Parent Meeting page, Points System page and the Summer Training page for all information relating to the Summer Camp.

Mammoth Camp 2018 will be July 29th through August 4th. Plan your vacations accordingly if you plan on trying to qualify this year! See the Mammoth Camp page for more details.



Help us make Saturday practices the best by donating items for breakfast or your time (either to help make breakfast or participate in the carpool). Just follow this link. It will be updated with more dates for all the Saturday practices this summer, as well the meets later on.

Summer Camp is here!!! Starting Monday June 25, we will be meeting at 7 am Monday through Saturday. See below for exactly where and when practices are. You'll also see how much mileage each group is doing for the day, which should give you a rough idea of how long practice will last for each group.

Don't forget that paperwork is due you first day of practice if you want to earn points towards Mammoth (during summer) and Clovis (during season). Check the Point Sheet to see what paperwork you have turned in already. 

Keep track of how you do in the Time Trials to see your progess throughout the summer. You can also see past years results in the Points System Page. 

Keep track of your progess in Tempos to see how you're improving and to see what you're capable of running!!



Training Groups for Cross Country 

Monday July 9 – Edison HS – 7:00 am – G 1 – 13 miles, G 2 – 11 miles, G 3 – 9 miles, G 4 – 6 miles, G 5 – 5 miles
Tuesday July 10 – Edison HS – 7:00 am – G 1,2,3 – 3 miles, G 4,5 – 2 miles 
Wednesday July 11 – Edison HS – 7:00 am – G 1 – 10 miles, G 2 – 9 miles, G 3,4 – 7 miles, G 5 – 6 miles – TEMPO DAY
Thursday July 12  Edison HS – 7:00 am –  G 1,2 – 7 miles, G 3 – 6 miles, G 4 – 4 miles, G 5 – 3 miles
Friday July 13 – Edison HS – 7:00 am – G 1,2,3 – 3 miles, G 4,5 – 2 miles
Saturday July 14 – Coastal Peak Park (Ridge Park) – 7:00 am –  G 1 – 10 miles, G 2 – 9 miles, G 3 – 7 miles, G 4 – 6 miles, G 5 – 5 miles

Monday July 16 – Edison HS – 7:00 am – G 1 – 14 miles, G 2 – 12 miles, G 3 – 10 miles, G 4 – 8 miles, G 5 – 5 miles
Tuesday July 17 – Edison HS – 7:00 am – G 1,2,3 – 3 miles, G 4,5 – 2 miles 
Wednesday July 18 – Central Park West – 7:00 am – G 1,2 – 7 miles, G 3,4,5 – 6 miles – Time Trial #2
Thursday July 19  Edison HS – 7:00 am –  G 1 – 11 miles, G 2 – 10 miles, G 3 – 8 miles, G 4 – 7 miles, G 5 – 3 miles
Friday July 20 – Edison HS – 7:00 am – G 1,2,3 – 3 miles, G 4,5 – 2 miles
Saturday July 21 – Coastal Peak Park (Ridge Park) – 7:00 am –  G 1 – 11 miles, G 2 – 10 miles, G 3 – 8 miles, G 4 – 7 miles, G 5 – 5 miles


Resolution Run – Sunday December 16, 2018 (Edison HS)

Check out the website, It is a great event that is focused on two things:
1) Raising awareness and support for the McKenna Claire Foundation and
2) raising funds for the Edison Athletic Dept.

–> This event occurs after the season. All athletes will have begun their winter training to start getting ready for track and this is a fun way to get back into it. 


Edison Poker Tournamenet – Saturday May 12, 2018 

Check out the event website,, for details and to be able to sign up. If you register and indicate that you are supporting Cross Country, the team will receive a small portion of your registration. The entire event is a fundraiser to help the Edison Athletic Department. 





Team Shutterfly Account – Please join and add any photos you have!
–> Will be updated with current photos as meets occur.

More Photos courtesty of Dave Simpson (from 2016)



Compliation of photos of 2015 season
More photos!! of 2015 season



Compilation of photos of 2014 season






If you have any questions please e-mail me at Hope to hear from you and we are looking forward to having a great season!!